DESIGN at the rate of lightning! 

3D Lightning - software for 3D design of direct stroke lightning protection.

This program deals with the RSM [1] and class of LPS [2] in order to compute and visualize protected area. This helps to identify the efficiency of air-termination components. For the present, the program applies to rods (single, double and multiple ones) 
and to shield wires. The earth’s surface considered as ground plane on zero level. The striking distances to the ground, to the shield wire and to the rod are the same. 
Nevertheless, it allows for complete design cycle: 
- to create a model of rod 
- to create any feasible LPS, positioning the air-termination components 
- to change location and parameters of components 
- to visualize three-dimensional protected area 
- to cut part of protected area above a given level. (Equipment is taken as protected, in case it does not protrude from this area) 
- to change a class of LPS 
- to generate a horizontal section in a given level 
- to obtain all the parameter values from protected area 

One of the great advantages of the software is the interactive design process (overall design, arrangement, calculation, and visualization processes proceed in parallel (e. g. after placing the additional rod, you can see its adequate protected area immediately). You will be able to complete sophisticated design projects following minimal training. 
This application enfolds Autodesk® AutoCAD® working environment with supplementary set of advanced design tools. 

[1] T. Horváth, “Construction of the protected volume with proper application of rolling sphere method.” 30th International Conference on Lightning Protection, Paper 4B-1019, Cagliari, Italy, September 2010 

[2] IEC 62305 standard, Protection against Lightning. 2006

Example for interaction of shielding wire and mast
Example for interaction shileding wire and mast

Example for shielding wire

Example for horizontal conductor
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